Mixiotes, traditional Mexican recipe

Mixiote tacos are perfect for any time of the day: for food, cravings, at midnight, even for breakfast. So if we want to enjoy this dish at home, now it will be easier, with this easy Mixiote recipe, very Mexican.

Learn more about the traditional mixiote recipe

If not You know how the mixiote is made, you will probably be interested to learn that it is a meat seasoned and cooked in a natural film, which comes from the maguey. In fact, the true mixiote is not the dish, but that membrane.

In this description we have just talked about meat, in general, because you can prepare mixiote of many different animals: with beef, meat, with chicken or fish, with pork or rabbit. There are even vegetarian mixiote recipes. But we know that the most popular mixiotes tend to be those of pork, chicken, beef and mutton.

Perhaps you will also be interested to know that the mixiote is a dish of pre-Hispanic origin. Today there are multiple versions of this recipe, depending on the region in which they are cooked.

Recipe Mixiote, step by step

Please note that to prepare this dish, you will need a steamer pot.So today we will cook chicken mixiote, a traditional recipe, very Mexican and very tasty.Heat water in a pot, and remove it from the heat. Then, you have to dip the chiles in this very hot water, and leave them there for about a dozen minutes.