Sweetie Pies Chicken Restaurant and reviews

Best Soul Food in Town

The fried catfish was to die for. It was fried crispy just like we like it and

very flavorful with just enough seasoning.

It was still tasty and delicious, the black-eyed peas were our favorite.


Great soul food. Everyone very nice and the customer service is excellent. I would recommend trying them if you come or are here in Houston.


so my mama's been dying to eat lunch wit me but our schedules conflict and she lives in Spring. I live in third ward. traffic is trash. so today we made it happen at a place we both never had before. apparently they got a show on Oprah's network and she wanted to try them. im very judgmental towards soul food restaurants so here's my break down of all the food we tried.

baked chicken: looked smothered. tastes good. the chicken skin has a lot of flavor in it.

the conebread: not really sweet but not hot water cornbread either. even taste. no nasty after bite taste.

green beans: solid. the potatoes just all in the way.

spaghetti: tasty with a pinch of sweetness.

mac & cheese: im good on it. 

oxtails: they are not as tender as I would like them to be. im a slow cooked fall off the bone type oxtail eater. these not that. still edible though. 

yams: now look. im weird. i never like yams. ever. not my granny's. not my mama's. but i would eat these. the texture of them reminds me of biting into a sweet potato pie (which i know is yams. i only eat that. which is why i said im weird about it). its not overly sweet. its ideal for me. 

lemonade: sugar, water and the color yellow.

theres no true ambiance's here yet cuz you can tell they bought out an old hispanic restaurant and flipped it. id come back here again but only when Im ready to take a nap. cuz the itis is upon us. 
Sweetie Pies Chicken Restaurant and reviews


Let me be the one to say I was REALLY skeptical about trying this place. I had heard so many mix reviews and people putting this place down. My mom was in town and she was catching up on the latest episodes of Sweetie Pie's. With that being said she wanted a chance to stop by the Houston location to see if it was actually good. Based on reviews and things I have heard I was telling her that the food may not be good....BUTTTTTT ONCE AGAIN I WAS WRONG. This location was amazing. We went on a Sunday around 11 am when they first opened. There was a line. When we went in Charles was working. He's actually very nice looking in person (yes I said it!). One thing I REALLY liked that they did was led everyone in prayer before eating. One of the cooks stated they don't get a chance to go to church because they are there on a Sunday working to feed the customers. You order your food when you walk in, more like an old school Piccadilly set up. I ordered the 3 pc mix with mac n cheese and collard greens. The portions were huge! I also got banana pudding to go along with it. While paying for my order one of the young gentleman came and grabbed my tray and took it to my table. He stayed attentive the entire time my family and I were there. The customer service was amazing and very shocking because so many people give black owned businesses a bad name. I was FULL and SATISFIED from this place and I WILL DEFINITELY BE BACK