40 Peruvian dishes that you should try before dying

How many Peruvian dishes do you know?

We all know that ceviche is in fashion, that tiraditos are the equivalent of Peruvian carpaccio and that anticuchos are beef heart skewers.

But do you know the locro of squash? And the carapulcra? Did you know that in Peru you can eat a good Alpaca steak, that animal that looks like a llama? And what about the Cuy? Do you know him? Better not tell you what it is and let you keep reading to find out.

If you've already traveled to Peru, you know how well you eat. If in your city there are Peruvian restaurants, consider visiting them and try absolutely all the dishes of your menu, you will not regret it.

The amount of Peruvian dishes that exist makes the cuisine of this country one of the richest and most varied in Latin America.

Peru is a country where you can go exclusively to eat and you will surely not have the time to try everything.

Sin more than saying:

40 Peruvian dishes that you should try sometime in your life

1-Fish ceviche

 Peruvian ceviche

The most emblematic dish of Peruvian gastronomy. It is very easy to prepare, but it is also very easy to damage it. Here I explain everything you need to know to make a perfect ceviche.

2-Tiger milk


Tiger milk is one of the direct results of preparing fish ceviche. It's about the juices that are left over when preparing the mentioned dish, and yes, you can drink it alone.



It is a dish of street food made with sausages and potatoes accompanied by some sauce. Very simple and perfect to eat standing in the street after a few beers.


airport chifa cocinademona Peruvian dishes

Photo: lacocinademona. com

It's a dish from the Chifa cuisine (Chinese-Peruvian) that basically mix chaufa rice and chipped noodles in the same dish. It is very abundant and is a carbohydrate pump 😛

5-Fish to the male

fish as male

A good fish fillet, preferably grouper, cooked on the grill and bathed in an uncommonly delicious spicy seafood sauce. In fact, it can become very spicy.



Photo: Carly & Art

Cow heart skewers made to the barbecue. Preferably eaten at a street stall in the center of Lima.

7-Grilled chicken


Yes, good, grilled chicken exists everywhere and is prepared more or less the same always. But it is that in Peru they serve it to you with a sauce of yellow pepper that is to become crazy of love. Really, if you're in Peru, dinner chicken on coals one day.

8-Cuy roasted

By rebeccaypedro (Cuy Baked) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

The Cuy is a rodent, similar to the guinea pig, is popular in Peruvian cuisine and one of the favorite recipes is to cook it roasted. Zero prejudice is delicious!

9-Rice with duck

This is a very popular dish in Peru.It is dark green due to the herbs that are used.

10-Rice with seafood

This is one of my favorite Peruvian dishes. It is a rice similar to a paella, with seafood, slightly spicy.


11-Stuffed Cause

The cause is a kind of cake made with 2 layers of mashed potatoes and one in the middle of chicken, tuna or even shrimp. My favorite is tuna.


12-Arrocha chaufa

chaufa rice

Chaufa rice is Peruvian rice in the Peruvian style . It is a very popular dish that you will not only get in Chinese restaurants, in any place of typical Peruvian food they serve it. It is quite easy to prepare.

13-Lomo saltado

lomo saltado tipico peruano

Similar to arroz chaufa, lomo saltado is another Peruvian dish that has its origins in Chinese cuisine. It is prepared with beef tenderloin, onion, chili, tomato, soy sauce and French fries.

14-Noodles jumped

40 Peruvian dishes that you should try before dying

By AgainErick (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

Another Chinese/Peruvian dish that is worth tasting. It can be chicken, beef, or mixed.

15-Huancaína potatoes

Great Peruvian classic. Potatoes bathed in the famous huancaína sauce made with yellow chili, soda crackers, milk and cheese.


40 Peruvian dishes that you should try before dying

By Manuel González Olaechea (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The tiraditos would be the Peruvian version of the Carpaccio. They are made of fish and bathed in some sauce that can be sweet or spicy, or both.


Dish of indigenous origin. It is a pork stew made with dehydrated potatoes, chili and peanuts. It also usually includes chicken among its ingredients.


18-Filete of Alpaca


Something very simple but very delicious and above all , very exotic for tourists. The alpaca is family of the llama. In Peru they eat it in different presentations, being one of the most popular in the form of steak accompanied by French fries or with rice.

19-Papa stuffed


By Håkan Svensson (Xauxa) . (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The recipe of the Peruvian stuffed potato depends on who prepares it, each family has its version. But in general it is made with parboiled egg or with minced beef.

20-Chickens of chicken

chicken aji

Scalloped chicken cooked in a very special yellow pepper sauce. Generally it is spicy (but little), From this list of Peruvian dishes, this recipe has an unforgettable flavor.

21-Rice with chicken

Other those dishes that you can find almost all over the planet.In the Peruvian version it includes the delicious yellow pepper among its ingredients.

23-Dry lamb

Similar to dried chicken but more delicious, it is does with lamb 😛


This powerful seafood soup leaves no one indifferent to those who taste it. You can take prawns, squid, crabs, clams, mussels and any other marine delicacy.

25-Shrimp suckers

shrimp suck

Of the most famous Peruvian dishes. It is one of the most delicious soups that exist around the globe. Once the tests, you will always want to eat it.

26-Seafood jelly

 seafood jelly

By Dtarazona (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Different types of breaded and fried fish and seafood, accompanied by the classic salad of purple onion and yellow pepper.

27-Choros a la Chalaca

 choros a la chalaca

By Dtarazona (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Choros are close family of mussels. They are prepared raw with onion, tomato corn and lemon juice.

28-Fish chicharron

Chunks of fried fish in deep oil. They are first breaded with enough flour and bread to make them crisp.

29-Rocoto relleno

 rocoto relleno

Photo: Astuviaje - Creative Commons 2.0

Typical plate from Arequipa, Peru. Made with chili pepper and ground beef filling. Notice: the rocoto is quite spicy.

30-Cau cau de pollo

Another chicken stew, which can be spoiled, which is prepared with potatoes and, of course, ají amarillo.

31-Aguadito de pollo

This is not a stew, it's a delicious chicken soup from those powerful ones that work as a main and only dish. Ideal for post-party hangovers.

32-Pork marinade

It is a dish from southern Peru. The pork is diced and marinated with several spices, then cooked and you eat it happily.



Quite possibly a Chilean is going to get green with hatred reading this and going to say that this dish is 100% Chilean, but The truth is that charquicán is also eaten in some regions of Peru. What does it consist of? Mashed potatoes mixed with pumpkin and ground beef, accompanied with purple onion and a fried egg on top.

34-Northern goat

Typical northern from Peru. It is a kid's stew that is accompanied with white rice and in many cases also with white beans.

35-Baked piglet

 Segovian piglet

By Tamorlan (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

Baked piglet can be a typical dish in any country in the world, especially on days of Christmas celebrations.It is made with beef intestines, potatoes and of course, a lot of chili.

37-Chicken in Huacatay sauce

Here the star ingredient is the herb called huacatay, which is Pretty aromatic and has a very characteristic flavor. That's why chicken in Huacatay sauce is a Peruvian dish like no other.


By GM (Flickr: Ocopa) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Another delicious dish from Arequipa. Parboiled potatoes dipped in a green sauce based on Huacatay.

39-Locro of pumpkin

It is prepared with potatoes, corn and squash (pumpkin). It is a dish that dates back to pre-Inca times. It is characterized by being a very thick stew that can be eaten alone or be another person's companion.

40-Chicken suck

 chicken suck

The cheap version of the shrimp suck. It is equally delicious and powerful. It helps you as you have no idea after a hangover night.

Which of these Peruvian dishes do you know? Tell us!